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Our sexy Scrafty welcomes you to our wiki.

Hello there! This is the Hangout Wikia. This is the wiki where anyone can be theirself, chat freely, and have fun just playing around. You're welcome to join us! Chat about anything as long as it abides by the rules.

It's best to read the rules before chatting! Thank you!  Remember, if you need any help, talk to the lovely founder.

Be sure to check out our motto of the month, composed by any random combination of people on the chat! (Warning: May be NSFW.)

Motto of the Month (This also includes the quote of the week. ;D)

UPDATE: Please do not cause drama on the chat. This is a growing problem and it needs to be solved. Anyone that starts drama on the chat again will be banned for 3 days, no exceptions. I don't care who it is. If you get banned here, do NOT go to the Creepypasta Wiki chat, or any other chat for that matter, and harass the administrators/moderators about it.  ~ Shrubskill Nurse

Do NOT bring conversations, insults, drama onto this chat from another. This is still considered drama and it's recommended NOT to talk about other members while they are in another chat, as this can cause a serious argument. ~ Hellninjas

P.S.: READ THIS.  I don't want ANYONE asking for this. We have had enough, and ANY requests for one have been suspended for the time being. DON'T BOTHER ASKING FOR ONE. ~ Tycholarfero

NO MORE ADVERTISING, we are STRESSING this. Do not post links to other wikias, do not ask members to GO to other wikias, and again if you don't like it here, we're not forcing you to stay, just DON'T ADVERTISE. The next advertisement WILL BE A MONTH BAN, from both the chat and site.

Current mods, please read.

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