A photo-representation. With TWEWY characters. :D

So I had this crazy idea today... Maybe we could all come together and have a day to reminisce.  Maybe it might bring together the chat, and reunite the community here. 


Summer is long gone. But my hopes still stay that we can do this. 

SeeU heart

Love you!~

Get back to me on time- Each of you may find my contact info on my page. I want to make sure everyone is chock-free, and we can go along with this, and before 2014 is over, this place will be back to it's former glory. 

Other Details Edit

I hope you all see this. I notice this wiki kinda.. "Died" A while ago, but I miss you all, and I'm sure you all miss each other, too. (I really hope you miss me too, not to be conceited..) I figured this was the best way to get in touch, as I'm sure you all check in every now and again. I know I do. 

Every time I check, the chat is in ruins and it is so dead that we could throw it out to the dogs. Let's fix it up. 

~With love, Desu <3

P.S.: Sorry if this wasn't worth a page. I wanted to consult the council of Elders on it, but the chairs are all empty and dusty.